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Getting Your Genesis the Care it Deserves, Right Here at Genesis of Goshen!

While Genesis cars are models of performance excellence that continually impress their drivers, they still require routine maintenance and service just like any other car. Every so often, important repairs such as oil changes and tire rotations are necessary to ensure that your luxury car maintains its shine inside and out for as long as possible. Fortunately for you, the Genesis brand is all about the ownership experience, which we here at Genesis of Goshen bring to you through our on-site service center! Schedule an appointment today and take advantage of all the benefits included in your Genesis Ownership Warranty here at our Goshen, NY Genesis dealership! We are located less than 45 minutes outside of Newburgh, use our handy directions to find the best route from your New York or New Jersey home!

Take Advantage of the Genesis Experience

If this is your first time scheduling a maintenance appointment with Genesis of Goshen, then we welcome you to our service center and we want you to take advantage of what your Genesis Warranty has to offer. If you know the service your car needs, you can make a reservation for the next available time using your complimentary scheduled maintenance. If you do not know exactly what your Genesis needs, you can scroll through our maintenance menu and choose from a range of different services from oil changes to multistage inspections, fluid top-offs, and more! You can reserve a complimentary maintenance valet in case you cannot bring in your Genesis from your own home in Warwick, NY. All you have to do is arrange a pickup time and the valet will drive out to it, drop off a loaner car for you, then bring back your Genesis when the repairs are made. You can schedule the valet for pickup and drop off anywhere, even if it is off-site in Middletown, NY.

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Genesis of Goshen wants to ensure your total satisfaction with your purchase which is why we make the service process easy, convenient and accessible. Schedule your next maintenance appointment online and be sure to contact us directly if you have any further questions. We are about 20 minutes outside of Monroe, come see us today!